June 14,2012

~Wonders of the World~
1) Locate the 'Wonder of the World' on your world map. Label

2) Watch the video of the the 'Wonder" of the world.

3)  Why do think it is a 'Wonder' of the World?  Give specific examples.

4) Would you every want to travel to this 'Wonder'?  Why or why not?

June 6,2012

1)  SHARE your presentation.   Send the link to khoonan@students.osd.wednet.edu

2)  FINISH your 'Wonders of the World'  presentation. Make sure you have spell checked each slide, checked your links, added specific facts and information.

3)  GO to the 'Exploratory Blog Page.'  Watch, find and record interesting information from students presentations.

4)  RECORD your  information on a new Google Document titled " Wonders of the World."

May 31, 2012

Google Doc/Google Game


1) Create a new google presentation - title with your name-  Example:  'Old Faithful' Kevin Hoonan

2) Open the 'GoogleDoc/Google Game' document

3) Play the game saving all your information on your new google presentation

4) Contact teacher when done